Environmental protection

Environmental policy

Laws and regulations, strictly comply with environmental protection and other requirements.
Strengthening environmental awareness, establish a good image of the environment.
Continuous improvement efforts to achieve environmental management system and environmental performance.
Committed to pollution prevention, further saving energy and reducing consumption.
Active use of environmentally friendly packaging, science and the use of food additives.
Implementation of cleaner production, follow the green consumption, to create green enterprises.

Environmental protection proposal

        Protect environment, benefit you and I, please give the environment more care!

  A green earth is the prerequisite of survival. Two thousand years of human civilization process without sacrificing the earth green, but modern civilization two hundred years has made our green earth is covered with yellow and black. Human beings in the destruction of the earth green at the same time, It is gradually destroying mankind themselves. The increasingly serious global environmental problems today, the relationship between environmental protection and international trade is becoming more and more closely, in trade liberalization at the same time, you must pay attention to the environmental protection. Because the unrestricted free trade, Will cause the environmental pollution and the destruction of the spread in the international. In order to more fresh air, pure water, any a responsible company, any company seeking long-term development of the enterprise, can not ignore the effect of the production and business operation activities on the environment caused by, Will make efforts to improve our environment. In order to protect the earth green, for our children, let us act immediately! Eliminate pollution, protect the environment, take every living on earth who should take the responsibility, therefore we initiative:
        Advocate begin from me, start from around things, good to environment protection. Save every drop of water, the use of non phosphorus detergent, use less disposable tableware and plastic bags, do not burn coal, living garbage, refuse to eat wild animal. In cotton, hemp, advocated by wool, silk and other natural plant production of "eco fashion", eating no pollution, pollution-free and safety, quality, nutritious "green food", no pollution, low energy consumption, low noise and meet the requirements of environmental protection of household appliances, The use of "green package" containing articles, prohibition of "white pollution", in the indoor health, pay attention to indoor and garden greening. Actively participate in love bird bird protection and protection of wild animal activities, enhance the "only one earth" consciousness of suffering, Resolutely put an end to all violations of environmental pollution and ecological damage. Strive to build an ecological city, greening and beautifying our homes, to make our living environment more beautiful, comfortable.

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