Enterprise culture

Hengkang purpose
Always provide public health food, always maintain the healthy development of enterprises. Innovation, has introduced all kinds of high quality and nutritious food, to enrich people's leisure life, and promote people's physical and mental health; continuous improvement, to ensure business development in order to body, mind and method of health, and promoting social progress.
Hengkang spirit
Unity, enterprising, tough. Not for the frustration and yield, not to win. Unite in a concerted effort march forward courageously.
Hengkang style
Seriously, pragmatic, efficient. All things over in one's mind, not to act rashly and blindly, not ambitious, practical, efficient, conscientiously do a good job in every.
The enterprise morals
Honesty. Would rather lose money, never lose credibility.
Social responsibility
Contribution to the society, benefit the village. As a force for all the people who helped us and we need to help people, is our forever responsibility.
Employing the concept
Only then one, quality as the first. The quality of people decide the quality of enterprise, basic values (honest, trustworthy, responsible) can ensure the growth of talent and enterprise development direction.

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