The dealer questionnaire
         Dear customer, hello! Thank you John Hancock food sales, your support is our motivation for progress. The main objective of this investigation is to serve you better, to understand your needs, based on the customer satisfaction management, grasp the status quo and development trend of customer satisfaction, so as to provide evidence for improving the formulation and process of the business plan of the company. If you take a few minutes of your time to fill in, we would be grateful!
  • 1、Your class (Dan Xuan)
  • 2、Your last year the total turnover
  • 3、Your staff
  • 4、Your purchase channels?Your purchase channels?
  • 5、What do you think of our products in your channel construction here?
  • 6、You for roasted seeds and nuts industry prospects assessment is?
  • 7、You for roasted seeds and nuts industry competition evaluation is?
  • 8、You for roasted seeds and nuts industry market capacity evaluation is?
  • 9、You for roasted seeds and nuts industry development speed of evaluation is?
  • 10、Your John Hancock here, whether the product is popular with consumers?
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