Consumer questionnaires
      Dear customer, hello! Thank you for your participation in our survey, your support is our motivation for progress. We expect the understanding from your answer to our problems, to know your real needs, as an important reference to improve our products and services. If you have any other comments and suggestions, and also welcome you through this website "customer feedback" column put to us.
  • 1、In the past six months do you buy health food?
  • 2、Do you often buy Hengkang food which of the following series of products?
  • 3、What do you think of health food products quality?
  • 4、What do you think of health food products taste?
  • 5、How do you think the product packaging Hengkang food?
  • 6、What do you think of health food products prices?
  • 7、Do you usually buy Chaohuo leisure food is in which of the following?
  • 8、Have you visited Hengkang food Tmall flagship store?
  • 9、In the next 6 months, will you buy health food on the Internet?
  • 10、You usually consider what factors in the purchase of Chaohuo leisure food? (three items)
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